People, planet & product

Exotan is consciously concerned with sustainability. For Exotan, it is important that the three Ps are always in balance. The Exotan collection consists of different, natural and sustainable materials with a long lifespan. In addition, Exotan works closely with factories that meet the strict quality requirements for man, environment and product.



Wood is one of the main materials in Exotan's garden furniture collection. A large part of the wooden garden furniture is FSC 100%-C016391 certified available, this is specified per product. FSC® is a global, non-profit organisation that strives for responsible forest management worldwide. FSC® sets standards based on principles for responsible forest management supported by ecological, social and economic parties.

ECO proof

Exotan's maintenance products are sold under the Exotan® Care brand. Exotan® Care products are all water-based, without harmful solvents. The care products are ECO proof and thus safe for people and the environment. By regularly treating your garden furniture with Exotan® Care products, it will stay in top condition for longer. This can extend the lifespan of garden furniture.


Ocean clean-up

Exotan is also concerned with corporate social responsibility, by getting involved in ocean clean-up. Exotan supports keeping the oceans clean by collecting the waste, recycling it and making plaids from it.

Every year, a huge amount of plastic waste ends up in the five ocean currents. The ocean current in the Indian Ocean causes a lot of waste to end up on India's beaches. This waste is picked up from the beaches and collected by companies that recycle it and turn it into materials. This is then turned into yarn. The Exotan plaids are woven from this recycled yarn, thus contributing to cleaner oceans.

By doing so, Exotan supports the Ocean clean up, so that the world will become a nicer and cleaner place. View the leaflet here.