Cosy seating area

In many front and back gardens, it is impossible to imagine the garden without a gardenbench. Exotan has a wide range of garden benches, made of different materials. There is a matching garden bench for each terrace or balcony. Usually made of teak FSC 100% in different sizes and in different variants. The garden benches made of teak are low in maintenance and can be left outside for the entire season with peace of mind. 

The Exotan garden benches

The Exotan collection offers a wide choice of garden benches. Because Exotan is aware of the latest trends and developments, the collection remains innovative. This year, for example, a new garden bench has been added to the collection.

New in the collection
in recent years, there have already been two types of Comfort chairs in the collection and garden benches with backs, in different sizes. This year, two tennis benches have been added in two different sizes. The benches are completely made of teak FSC 100%.

_Q7A1343 COMFORT FSC.jpg


Create a complete look

With the wide choice in the Exotan collection you can give your terrace or balcony the look you want. Make your garden complete with one of the garden benches of Exotan. Do you want to get inspired? Then take a look in the showroom of one of our dealers or check out our social media pages.


How do I find the perfect garden bench?

On our website you can find all Exotan garden benches under "collection", by using a filter. Here you can find all information about the different Exotan series, such as colours, sizes and specifications of the materials. Besides our website there is also an Exotan catalogue available. This is available in both hardcopy and digital format. 

Would you rather see the benches set in real life? Through our points of sale you can find the nearest dealer in your area.