Exotan's garden furniture collection consists largely of lounge products. The collection offers a wide choice of lounge sets and corner sets. You can also create your own lounge set with various separate elements. There is always a suitable lounge set for both small and large terraces. The lounge sets are made of various types of materials, such as aluminium, bamboo, wood, rope and wicker. Each lounge set is equipped with comfortable cushions with different indoor and outdoor fabrics. Exotan distinguishes itself by the wide choice of all weather lounge sets. You can safely leave them outside throughout the entire garden furniture season.

Newest lounge products Exotan

Every year, Exotan expands its collection with new series and products. Because Exotan is always aware of the latest trends, the collection continues to develop. The latest trends and materials are applied in cooperation with the factories. Again this year, new, trendy lounge sets have been added to the collection.

New to the collection:
Brindisi: a modern coffee set with sleek shapes in the same natural colours as the Orlando.
Capri: the sister of the Sicilië, but thanks to the latest technology an even softer outer fabric.
Grace: in addition to the dining armchair and lounge armchair, the lounge sofa has now been added. The new rectangular coffee table also provides a different look.
Lowi: a luxurious new all weather series made of sustainable materials. Create your own arrangement by combining the individual lements.
San Remo: due to the success of the grey corner set and the trend for natural colours, now also the San Remo corner set in the colour natural.





Exotan corner sets

The corner set is still Exotan's best-selling product. The majority of the lounge collection consists of corner sets. The corner sets usually consist of a left element, right element, corner element and coffee table or hocker. The elements can easily be connected together. 

The corner sets offer sufficient seating for a somewhat larger group. Exotan has included the following corner sets in its collection: Bamboo, Bari, Domino, Florida, La Vida, Lucca, Orlando, San Remo, Sicilië, St. Peter, Valerie and Villa.


Exotan coffee sets

The coffee set is suitable for any terrace. A coffee set consists of a lounge bench, two lounge armchairs and a coffee table. The separate elements can be placed in your own desired position, so you don't have to deal with a fixed arrangement. Exotan's garden furniture collection includes a number of complete coffee sets. For example, the Brindisi, Lucca and Sydney are supplied complete as coffee sets.


_Q7A1963 COMO.jpg


Create your own lounge set

Prefer to create your own set-up? Exotan has several series in its collection that offer you this possibility. You can use various individual items to put together your own lounge set. This is possible with the Bamboo, Florida, Grace, Kawang, Kubbano, Orlando, San Remo, St. Peter and Valerie series. Rhodos and Como offer even more possibilities. With the modular elements from these series, you can create your most ideal arrangement.

Make your lounge set unique and personal by combining several elements from different series. 

Where should you pay attention when choosing a lounge set?

It is important to find out for yourself what your wishes are and what you find most important in this. Think about what kind of lounge set you want, how many seats you want, whether you want all weather or not, what dimensions fit your terrace, what materials and colours match your garden style and whether you are prepared to maintain the set regularly.

Need some help making the right choice? Exotan dealers can support you and give the right advice. Under the heading "collection" you can filter all Exotan lounge sets. Per series, you will find all information about the products, colours, dimensions and specifications of the materials.

Get inspired by the Exotan catalogue, available both digitally and in hard copy.