Decoration & accessoires

Complete your garden with the various handy accessories of Exotan. This collection consists of a nice assortment. Think of trays in different sizes, various side tables, cushions, plant pots, plaids and magazine holders. This will give your garden furniture the perfect finishing touch.


The Exotan accessoires

The Exotan collection offers different kinds of decoration and accessories. ​​​​​

Types of accessories
Side tables:
side tables made in different colours and materials.
Trays: trays made in different colours and materials.
Planter pots: planter pots made of teak wood in different sizes.
Plaids: sustainable plaids, made of recycled plastic from the 5 ocean currents. Available in the colours aqua blue, brown, grey, olive, red and yellow.
Magazine holders: made of aluminium, available in the colours white and grey.