Decoration & accessoires

Exotan's garden furniture collection offers a wide choice of accessories. The accessories are made of aluminium, wood and fabric and are available in several colours. Exotan's accessories collection includes products such as trays, magazine holders, plaids and ice buckets.


Exotan accessoires

Complete your garden set with Exotan's accessories. Did you buy a lounge set without a coffee table? With the help of one of the trays you will still have your snack or drink within reach. Always want to have your book or magazine at hand? Style your lounge set with one of the magazine racks. Is it starting to get colder outside or do you want to dress up your lounge set? Then give your lounge set some atmosphere with one of the warm, durable plaids. Always have cold drinks close when relaxing? Then place the Chill ice bucket next to your garden set.