Maintenance products of Exotan

The Exotan collection consists of different types of materials. Extend the life of your garden furniture with the Exotan Care maintenance products. Read here what kind of materials Exotan uses, what the advantages are and how you can best maintain them.


Exotan Care products

Exotan garden furniture is made of durable and high quality materials. The garden furniture is low in maintenance and has a long lifespan. In order to optimally enjoy your garden furniture and to extend its life, it is important to maintain it regularly. This prevents stains, discoloration and wear. Exotan Care has a wide range of protectors and cleaners for each type of material. Not sure which Exotan Care product to use for your garden furniture? Ask one of our Exotan dealers for more information. You can find your nearest dealer via the sales points.

Besides the Exotan Care products, Exotan also has protective covers in its collection which can help to keep the products in optimal condition.

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