Create shade or ambiance

Create a lovely spot for everyone in the garden or on the terrace. With the umbrellas of Exotan you can create a nice spot in the shade. The Exotan umbrellas are available in different colours, shapes and sizes. Each umbrella is equipped with a UV-resistant cloth, so it won't fade.

The Exotan umbrellas

The Exotan umbrella collection offers a variety of models. There are square or round umbrellas, stick and floating umbrellas and umbrellas with LED lighting and USB connection. Due to the wide variety there's a fitting Exotan umbrellas for everyone.

Types of Exotan parasols
Apple: these umbrellas are very unique. On the inside they are equipped with LED lighting and a USB connection. This way you'll have all the comforts you need and these parasols will create a cosy atmosphere in the evening.
Roma: these umbrellas are an eye-catcher for every garden. These are floating umbrellas that can be set in different positions so that there is always shade in the right place on the terrace or balcony.



Create a complete look 

The Exotan collection offers a wide range of options to give your terrace or balcony the look you want. You can opt for a complete lounge set, but also for separate elements or comfortable lounge chairs. You can then complement this with one of the Exotan umbrellas. This way, a nice spot can be created for every terrace or garden.

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How do I find the right parasol?

On our website you can find all Exotan parasols under 'collection', using a filter. Here you'll find all information about the different Exotan series, like colours, sizes and specifications of the materials. Besides our website there is also an Exotan catalogue available. This is available in hardcopy as well as digital format. 

Would you rather see the parasols in real life? You can find your nearest dealer through our sales points.