When is a product all weather?

Whether a product is all weather has everything to do with the materials it is made of. Most frames can be left outside all year round, but how do you know if a cushion is all weather? This has everything to do with both the outer fabric and the filling of the cushion. Below, you can read more about the different types of cushion filling.

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Standard foam

The standard foam filling is very comfortable but not water-permeable. This means that the water remains in the cushion. Therefore you cannot leave the cushions outside. Always store these cushions in a dry place, away from sunlight. This prevents the weather or mould from getting into the cushions.



Standard foam with waterproof cover

The standard foam with waterproof cover has a standard foam filling with a waterproof cover. The waterproof cover protects the filling against (rain) water and is open at the bottom to allow sufficient ventilation. The water will run off the fabric. This makes the cushions all weather. This allows the cushions to remain outside for the entire season of garden furniture. To extend the lifetime of the cushions, we recommend storing them in heavy rain.




Fast dry / Quick dry foam

It may also be the case that the cushion fillings have a special type of foam called Fastdry® or Quickdry® foam. This firm filling is made of high-quality and water-permeable material. The water passes through the filling, which dries quickly and retains its original shape. Compared to the standard foam with waterproof cover, the Fastdry® and Quickdry® foam has the property of being rot and mould free. You can therefore leave these cushions outside throughout the entire garden furniture season. To extend the life of the cushions, we recommend storing them in heavy rain.




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