Aluminium is one of the most commonly used materials in Exotan's garden furniture collection. The big advantage of this material is its low maintenance. You can confidently leave garden furniture made entirely of aluminium outside all year round.


Light & strong

Aluminium is a light and strong material, which is UV-resistant and does not rust. This makes the material low-maintenance. To keep the product in optimal condition and extend its life span, Exotan recommends treating the aluminium regularly with the Exotan® Care aluminium & stainless steel cleaner & protector (ECP650). This is a powerful cleaner that quickly and thoroughly removes dirt, grease and other stains. The protective wax restores shine and provides long-term protection. It is an invisible impregnating agent that preserves the original, new look for longer. The powerful UV block prevents discolouration and ageing of the material, extending its life. Read the instructions before use.


For optimal results, use the Exotan® Care application cloths (ECP456) for application.