Nowadays, more and more products are made of bamboo. Bamboo is a trendy type of material found in many gardens. Because bamboo is a type of grass, it needs more attention than wood, for example. To maintain the lifespan of bamboo products, it is important to maintain them regularly with the right care products from Exotan® Care.



Strong, flexible & durable

Bamboo is a strong, flexible and durable type of grass. Bamboo is a natural product that reacts to its environment. From the factory, the bamboo is already protected with bamboo protector. Differences in climate, temperature and humidity can cause bamboo to age and develop cracks. This cannot be avoided and is seen as the charm of bamboo. Light dots/stains may also appear. Discolouration, hairline cracks and black dots do not affect the quality and construction of the product. To prolong the life of the bamboo and prevent or slow down fungus growth as much as possible, Exotan recommends treating the bamboo regularly. Treating it regularly with Exotan® Care bamboo protector (ECP340) again protects the bamboo from ageing and slows down the adhesion of dirt. Before treatment, do not forget to clean the bamboo with Exotan® Care teak & bamboo cleaner (ECP250). Read the instructions before use.

Should black spots appear, we recommend cleaning the bamboo with Exotan® Care teak & bamboo cleaner (ECP250), allowing it to dry thoroughly, sanding lightly and then treating with Exotan® Care bamboo protector (ECP340).

For an optimal result, you can use the Exotan® Care srub pads (ECP455-P) for cleaning and the Exotan® Care application cloths (ECP456) for applying a protective layer.