Exotan has a small number of polywood products in its collection. Polywood is a strong material that is easy to maintain. Below you can read how best to maintain polywood.

Wood look

Polywood looks like a type of wood, but is actually made of plastic. This is the perfect material if you want the look of wood but the ease of maintenance of plastic. Polywood is low-maintenance. Due to various weather influences, stains may appear during the season. The advice is to remove these stains immediately. This can be done easily with warm water and soap. Stubborn stains can be removed with Exotan® Care polywood cleaner (ECP540). After cleaning, we recommend treating the polywood with the Exotan® Care polywood protector (ECP750) to re-impregnate it. This makes the polywood water- and dirt-repellent and helps prevent stains. The powerful UV block prevents discolouration and ageing of the polywood, extending the life of the material. Read the instructions before use.

For an optimal result, use the Exotan® Care scrub pads (ECP450-P) for cleaning and the Exotan® Care application cloths (ECP456) for applying a protective layer.