Rope is the latest trend when it comes to garden materials. Garden furniture made of rope is low maintenance and has an industrial look. Rope is trendy, strong, fast drying and UV resistant. Read below how you can best maintain rope.

Trendy & comfortable

Rope is a strong woven nylon thread and has been one of the many garden trends in recent years. Rope is specially developed for outdoor use and easy to clean. It is therefore impossible to imagine the garden furniture sector without this material. Rope is often combined with a frame of aluminium, steel and teak FSC 100%. The seat of a rope chair is very comfortable and strong.

Products with rope can be left outside all year round without any problems. To fully enjoy the chair, it is important to maintain it regularly. This can be done easily with the Exotan Care® textilene & wicker cleaner (ECP500) and the Exotan Care® textilene & wicker protector (ECP700).

For an optimum result, you can use the Exotan Care® scrub pads (ECP450-P) for cleaning and the Exotan Care® application cloths (ECP456) for applying a protective layer.