Rope is the latest trend when it comes to garden materials. Garden furniture made of rope is low-maintenance and has an industrial look. Rope is often combined with a frame of aluminium, steel or teak. Read below how to maintain your rope garden furniture to keep it in optimal condition.

Trendy, comfortable & fast-drying

Rope is a strong woven nylon thread specially developed for outdoor use. Rope is trendy, strong, fast-drying, UV-resistant and easy to clean. It is therefore impossible to imagine the garden furniture industry without this material.

Rope is low-maintenance and can confidently be left outdoors for the entire garden furniture season. Due to various weather influences, stains may appear during the season. We recommend removing these stains immediately. This can easily be done with warm water and soap. Stubborn stains can be removed with Exotan® Care textilene & wicker cleaner (ECP500). After cleaning, it is recommended to treat the wicker with the Exotan® Care textilene & wicker protector (ECP700) to re-impregnate it. Read the instructions before use.

This protective layer can also fade due to various weather influences. The advice is therefore to apply the protector several times a year to the cleaned rope. This gives an extra UV filter and slows down the adhesion of dirt.

For an optimal result, use the Exotan® Care scrub pad (ECP450-P) for cleaning and the Exotan® Care application cloths (ECP456) for applying the protector.