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Plaid aqua blue

Is it getting a bit chilly outside? Then crawl under one of the special plaids of Exotan. These items are the latest addition to the Exotan collection. With these plaids, Exotan supports the cleanliness of the oceans. The waste from the oceans is recycled and used to make plaids.

Every year, a huge amount of plastic waste ends up in the five ocean currents. The ocean current in the Indian Ocean causes a lot of waste to end up on the beaches of India. This waste is picked up from the beaches and collected by companies who recycle it and turn it into materials from which yarn can be made. The Exotan plaids are woven from these recycled yarns and thus contribute to cleaner oceans. By doing so, Exotan supports The Ocean Cleanup, making the world a cleaner and more beautiful place.

The plaids are available in the colours: aqua blue, brown, grey, olive, red and yellow.

  • Number BW2000
  • Size 140x190 cm
  • Colour Aqua blue
  • Material Post-Consumer pet recycled from ocean clean-up
  • Warranty Two years on construction and/or manufacturing faults
  • Maintenance Exotan Care

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