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Sicilië lounge corner set left

Enjoy the beautiful Sicilië lounge. The lounge corner set consists of two separate elements, which can easily be attached to each other, and a separate hocker. The Sicilië series of Exotan is the successor of the Casablanca. The new fabric makes this lounge set even more comfortable. The Sicilië series is made of strong, UV resistant and durable materials with a great comfort. The aluminium frame is fitted with a Nanotex® outer fabric, with a standard foam filling. The strong, supple Nanotex® outer fabric ensures that most (rain) water does not penetrate the fabric. The water that does pass through the fabric will never reach the filling because of the extra, waterproof protective cover around the filling. The cushions have an open structure at the bottom, so the water can quickly run out. This makes the lounge set dry again quickly. The Sicilië lounge set can therefore be left outside throughout the garden furniture season.

To extend the life of the product, we recommend regular maintenance using the appropriate Exotan Care products. In addition, we recommend storing the cushions during heavy rainfall or positioning them at an angle. To speed up drying after a shower, we recommend wiping the elements with a dry cloth before use

  • Number CH5800LAGA
  • Size 262x246x60 cm
  • Colour Ash grey
  • Material Aluminium , Nanotex® & standard foam cushion cover with waterproof cover
  • Warranty Two years on construction and/or manufacturing faults
  • Maintenance Exotan Care

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